Welcome to Psychology 2180

Abnormal Psychology I
PSYC 2180: Fall 2021 – Online
Instructor: Ivy Tran
Email: ivy.tran@brooklyn.cuny.edu
Department Phone: 718-951-5601

Course Description:

This course will provide an overview of the scientific study of mental illness, or, psychopathology. A note about the word “abnormal”—this term has been used through the years to describe behavior that is atypical of normative development and contexts, however, it is promotes stigma against individuals with mental illness.

Throughout this course, I hope to push your understanding of “normal or typical” and “atypical or abnormal” and to challenge what you know (or think you know!) about mental illness, psychopathology, how it portrayed in the media and popular culture, and how it differs from what you take away from this class. This class will serve as an introduction to the broad classifications of mental illnesses according to the DSM-5 and provide an overview of scientific research and evidence-based practices to treat mental illness.

(Introduction to Psychology, PSYC1000 is a prerequisite course).